Pearl Goh

Turning Miles into Smiles

The experience I had with pearl was incredible. The exposure on my knowledge for new cars was near to none. On the other hand, she’s an incredible knowledgeable person on car sales with considerable amount of experience and expertise. I engaged cartimes looking to change out my COE ending car, and was introduced to pearl. No regrets, she attended to me swiftly and showed me the options within our budget. Not being pushy and making figures run out is one of her strength. No doubt there were a bit of hiccups in the breakdowns due to my lack of experience in buying cars, she attended to my plentiful inquiries and questions, to the point that I was a bit embarrassed when I had to text her during non-office hours. As my personality is a little towards the high-strung type, she assured me of all my worries and my stress in terms of monetary factors and especially when the delivery was slightly longer than I expected. She never once turn down my requests or shows signs of impatience on my “near tons” of inquiries. I am very very impressed despite me being difficult at times. To buyers, do check the equipment given to you wont end up the same as i did to keep calling up the SE. Check everything carefully, do not be overzealous. To the big boss of cartimes, I would say pearl is an invaluable asset to the company, the professionalism of her as a sales person and always trying to make things work outshine everything else. Do keep her! To pearl, thanks for the never-ending reassurance to me, you put yourself in my shoes throughout the entire deal and never once shows any signs of unprofessional attitude in your job. A pearl indeed, I wish you always shining through your entire career.

Senior Sales Executive :

Pearl Goh | 93201003



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