Justin Tay

Turning Miles into Smiles

Patronage at a PI is an experience, be it for better or worse. Fortunately, my experience with Justin nothing short of the best! His sincerity and attentiveness to details have definitely made the purchase process a pleasant and informed one. Rarely do you come across an advisor who really provides forthcoming advice and makes it his priority to source the best deal for you. No pushy hard selling, no hidden agendas and no delays in answering your queries. Justin has most certainly dispelled any negativities one may have towards PIs. He is the prime reason why I would recommend Car Times!

Sales Executive :

Justin Tay | 82237974



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About CarTimes

CarTimes also provides a one-stop solution for car lovers, ranging from sales & purchase of cars to in-house workshop services. This ensures that our customers are well covered, allowing them to drive their cars with a peace of mind.

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