Pearl Goh

Turning Miles into Smiles

We’ve bought two cars now from Pearl at CarTimes! This is a fantastic business that's been around for a while. They have a reputation for outstanding quality, honesty, and integrity. We’ve enjoyed doing business here both times we bought from them. Pricing on the cars and your trade in will be fair, the buying process is easy, and we left with a great deal on our new (used) car. We will go back here again because of the excellent customer service and high quality vehicles. Pearl really knows her cars well, you won't find a better salesperson than her. Thank you so much Pearl! Loving our new drive!

Senior Sales Executive :

Pearl Goh | 93201003



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About CarTimes

CarTimes also provides a one-stop solution for car lovers, ranging from sales & purchase of cars to in-house workshop services. This ensures that our customers are well covered, allowing them to drive their cars with a peace of mind.

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