Andrew Wong

Turning Miles into Smiles

My family and I would like to thank Andrew for his outstanding services rendered in administrating car processes from the first day we met until the collection of the new car. We were impressed by Andrew who displayed a high level of professionalism and commitment. When we first arrived at the lift lobby, Andrew politely approached and chatted with us. He then brought us to CarTimes and introduced Honda Vezel New Facelift model. Throughout the entire process, we had many queries about the car specifications, finance and its calculation. On the other hand for Andrew, he displayed patience and did clear explanations to all of our queries. Despite such long conversation with customers who might not have the intention to purchase, Andrew wasn’t pushy to us to make a decision there and then. It was after a week of decision, we called up Andrew to meet up to further discuss on the possibilities to work out the sums in our favor. Without any hesitation, Andrew agreed to meet us even though it was his rest day! He has definitely went above the notch as a salesman within the service industry! Again, Andrew showed strong patience while explaining the calculation details to us. He even assured us CarTimes Automobile reputation within automobile industry - credible and reliable! Subsequently, we decided to purchase the car and Andrew made the process effortless for us. Overall, Andrew has showed these three important key factors as CarTimes staff - Reliable, Trustworthy and Responsive! The company has definitely educated the right culture to their employees and it was evidently shown on Andrews’s positive attitude and behavior!

Sales Executive :

Andrew Wong | 81864138



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