Devin Fang

Sales Executive

I feel the need to express my gratitude towards 2 of the salesperson at CarTimes, they are Devin and Ray from Ubi branch. As COE prices are on all time low, I decided to drop by Ubi AML building just to have a look n get some market feel. Devin happens to be stationed at the level 6 office when I first met him at the lift lobby. He greeted me with a friendly smile and welcoming approach, giving me some valuable information among a few models of car. But Car Times only carries the Honda Grace LX (which are slightly above my tight budget), after I told him about my tight budget he still invite me in and say he will try to work out a good package for me to justify their price tag. As my current car with paper value of merely 9K plus (COE expires November), he is still willing to offer a much higher price for my car. Devin has offer me 10 years warranty and free servicing with a great deal of other accessories. As routine they need to check my old car to justify the high trade in, upon checking they know about my car gearbox is faulty. So by right I will need to pay for the repair or they will deduct from the high rate in price offered, this is where Ray (Devin's superior) comes in to the picture. He was extremely polite and shown great professionalism, after hearing I exceeded my tight budget he promise to help me talk to management and try not to deduct any of my trade amount and try to keep as much of my accessories in the offered package. All thanks to help rendered by Ray, my trade in price remains with standard package and full accessories offered. In addition, instead of the initial promised 4-Bid COE without any top up. My new car was given immediate COE registration instead, after Devin knowing that I need my car urgently for work n family use. Devin also speed up the leather seat and other accessories' installation, so I can collect my car as soon as possible. I just collected my car on Saturday 16th February (still CNY), new car in new year has certainly make me a happy customer. I definitely will recommend more friends to them for professional and truthful service.

Devin Fang CArtimes Used/New Car Review



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