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Witness the Grandeur of the high-performing Mercedes Benz C200 Mild Hybrid Sedan

For those of you who like to enjoy a wide array of cool technological features along with uncompromising performance, the C200 Mild Hybrid by Mercedes is a great option for you. According to the ongoing trends of downsizing in the automotive world, Mercedes Benz has also decided to downsize the fuel engine without downsizing the performance of the vehicle.

Here is a quick Mercedes Benz C200 review for you to get an idea of everything that this car has got in store for you.

Mercedes Benz C200 Performance and Drivetrain

Since the Mercedes Benz C200 is a Mild Hybrid car, it means that it features a powerful 1.5 liter turbocharged engine. The performance of this engine is further complemented by the “EQ boost” technology. For better digital control and electric performance, the size of digital cluster has also been increased. Thus, you get to enjoy additional 14hp power output without comprising on fuel economy.

Another big advantage of this system is that it enables gliding mode in the vehicle. In this mode, the engine is switched off and no additional fuel is consumed in between the recuperative braking. Moreover, when the car is in coasting mode, the engine is again stopped.

Mercedes Benz C200 Technology

The Mild Hybrid is also big on comfort and technology which is evident from the energizing comfort control system installed in it. The control offers a combination of climate, seat heat, seat ventilation, seat massage, musical mood and lighting and other wellness controls. You can switch between six different wellness programs to suit your needs.

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