9 Tips For Better Fuel Economy That as a Driver You Should Know

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you are not driving a hybrid or an electric car, refilling your fuel tank is surely one of the key things you have to deal with. As long as you own and drive your car, you are sure to go through this.
It seems negligible at first, but over time, when you think about it, you will notice that a large amount of money goes into fuelling your car. On average, people spend over $300 every month on fuel, despite the fact that many petrol stations give discounts.
For the above reason, it is necessary to come up with tips with which you can manage your fuel in order to reduce expenses. Here are some of the best tips:

  • Carry only what is necessary
  • Speed is not always the answer
  • Octane rating is important
  • Avoid unnecessary braking
  • Eco mode is your friend
  • Make sure your tyres stay inflated
  • Always plan your route ahead
  • The higher the gear, the better
  • Avoid traffic jams

Carry only what is necessary:
The greater the weight your car carries, the greater the fuel consumption required to comfortably move that weight. Always check your car for things you really do not need so the car can move with ease and less fuel usage.
Speed is not always the answer:
As much as the average person fancies the idea of speeding every now and then (especially after being stuck in traffic for a while), it is worthy of note that you consume a great deal of petrol that way.
Octane Rating
Although, the general rating is between 91 and 98, it is always best to confirm with the manufacturer of your car. Filling your tank with fuel of the recommended octane rating will save you money in the long run.
Unnecessary Braking:
Constantly hitting the brakes is another way to increase the fuel consumption of your car. Brakes are necessary, but just make sure you don’t use them unnecessarily.
Eco Mode is your friend
Eco mode helps your car use the least amount of energy, and by extension, the least amount of fuel. Check for it in your car and give it a try.
Make sure your tyres stay inflated
This is important. A useful trick is to keep your tyres slightly overinflated. Note that too much of this causes an uneven wear of your tyres.
The higher the gear, the better
This is particularly important when travelling on a flat surface or highway. Your car engine works less hard when you use the highest gear. In the long run, this translates to less fuel consumption and less expenses.
Always plan your route
There are applications for this. All you have to do is enter your destination when going to a new location and the app gives you information on the best route to take before you move.
Avoid traffic jams
This mostly occurs during rush hour. If you are not in a hurry (if it is not entirely necessary), avoid driving during rush hour.
Now that you are equipped with basic information to maximize your fuel efficiency, why not take a look at some of the brand new or pre-owned cars that have great consumption patterns to get more bang for your buck today!

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