Do You Have To Disconnect Your Car Battery When Going On A Long Holiday?

In truth, no one wants to return home to a dead car battery after a long holiday. That is something we can all agree on. However, as to whether or not disconnecting the battery of your car does more good than harm, that has always been a matter for debate amongst car owners and drivers.

While many are of the opinion that battery disconnection is a must before traveling for a period of at least two weeks, others believe it is not worth it as the car could lose important settings such as radio stations, trip computer memory, security system, clock, and so on.

As battery drainage remains the critical factor in this issue, it is important to understand that certain elements and function are responsible for how fast or slowly a car battery drains (when not in active use too).

Two factors to consider here are climatic conditions and sophistication. Generally, systems such as radio and alarm are contributory. However, as a result of sophistication, recent car models now come with far more electronic functions such as dashboard cameras which increase the load on the battery even when not in use.

Simply put, each electronic function contributes to how fast the battery drains when not being charged (when not in use).

As to whether or not you should disconnect your battery when going on holiday, the first thing to do is look up the manual for your car. This would give you an idea as to whether or not any damages can occur as a result of the disconnection, as well as information on how to reset certain systems after reconnecting the battery (consider a battery tender for systems that are difficult for you to reset).

How to disconnect your car battery

If after understanding the pros and cons specific to your car, and you wish to disconnect the battery, it is quite easy to carry out. Firstly, you should disconnect the negative terminal while making sure the positive and negative terminals do not come in contact at any point. Thereafter, wrap the end of the disconnected terminal in a moisture-proof bag (plastic bag).

It is worthy of note that you could also ask someone to help start your car from time to time while you are away to keep things battery alive. This would save you the trouble of having to disconnect your car battery. 

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