Finding a car suitable for the safety of family and children is a tough nut to crack. Keep in mind these given tips to find a safe car for your family. 

Important things to remember when shopping for a family car

As a responsible car owner, it is your job to ensure passenger safety. The challenge of buying a new car increases by manifold, especially when family and young children are involved. In such situations, the last thing you want to do is compromise on the safety of your family and vehicle just to save a few bucks. Although it is recommended to prefer vehicle safety over all other factors, it can be hard to evaluate what kind of security features you should go for. 

Fortunately, the following cars possess an array of useful safety features for families with children:

Mercedes Benz GLA180 Distronic Pro

Driver Assist System

Distronic Pro Driver Assist System is the signature safety lineup featured in the Mercedes GLA series. Apart from possessing an array of conventional safety features such as Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist, Parking Pilot, Distance Pilot Distronic, and Surround View System, the car also possess top-notch safety innovations. 

Here is a quick look at what this safety system is all about:

Active Brake Assist:

Driving becomes much easier and safer with a radar-enabled Active Brake System featured in this car. The radar has a considerable range for detecting any obstacle in the way. Once an obstacle is identified, the driver is immediately warned to hit the brake. Autonomous braking up to 65mph also ensures safety. 

Attention Assist:

As a part of Distronic Safety Suite, Attention Assist system is designed to keep the driver attentive and prepared for dealing with impending road hazards. The system possesses the behavior details of 70 different driving styles and will immediately force the driver to be attentive in case of drowsiness or slow response time. 

Distance Pilot DISTRONIC

This system is specifically designed to maintain a considerable distance between adjacent vehicles with minimal driver input. 

Honda Vezel 1.5X Hybrid Sensing

Honda has always been in a front-line competitor when it comes to vehicle safety. The new Honda Sensing system featured in Vezel offers a complete array of vehicle safety features like Road Departure Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning. Other features include:

Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)

The system alerts the driver in case of an impending collision with a pedestrian or a passerby in front of the vehicle. Audio and visual warning signals are sent from long distances followed by application of a brake to help the driver in avoiding a collision at shorter distances. 

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

Turn LKAS on and off with the push of a button located on the right side of the steering wheel. The system uses a windshield camera to detect lane markings for easier driving on a detected lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) 

This system is designed to maintain a following preset interval by detecting the accelerator and brakes beforehand. It is designed to reduce the driver’s burden in the middle of busy highways. 

In short, before you purchase a car for your family, make sure that it possesses the safety features mentioned above so that you can safeguard the safety of your family. Visit our showroom or click here to connect with a sales representative via whatsapp for a viewing of our MB GLA180 Distronic Pro & Honda Vezel 1.5X Sensing. More information on downpayment and customized financing packages can also be discussed.