All You Need To Know About Petrol VS Hybrid Cars in Singapore

No potential car buyer would waive the idea of buying a car that is both eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. However, the question here is which car should you buy - petrol or hybrid cars? Truth be told, each of these cars has its own advantages and disadvantages, based on size, maintenance, fuel, and price.

As a potential car buyer, having knowledge of Petrol VS Hybrid cars would give you leverage to make a better buying decision. To find out which car is going to be the right choice for you and your family, read on to see how these two types of cars compare against each other. 

Note: Hybrid cars are automobiles that use two or more means of propulsion - that is combining electric motor, diesel or petrol engine. One of the major advantages of hybrid cars is that they consume less petrol and release considerably lower emissions to the environment compared to the regular petrol cars we find on our roads. 

What are the key differences between Petrol VS Hybrid Cars? 

1. Costs

Hybrids tend to remain pricier in the market, but similar to electric vehicles, offer an alternative to conventional gas-powered cars in reducing costs. Because hybrid cars run on a combination of gas and electricity, they also emit less pollution than gas-only vehicles.

2. Maintenance Costs 

Maintaining petrol cars would typically cost more as the internal combustion engine requires frequent maintenance for it to stay functional. On the flip side, Hybrid cars will require lesser maintenance when driven at a slower speed – reducing the need for petrol engine to kick in.

3. Range 

If you"re keen on purchasing a car with great mileage, this point would interest you. Petrol cars are less efficient when it comes to mileage. On the other hand, hybrid cars come with smaller petrol engines and are lighter in weight. This allows hybrid cars to go further with less and is superior to the former in this sense.

4. Performance 

A comparison between hybrid versus petrol cars will not be complete without talking about their performances. Most strong hybrids will have a choice of power modes, ranging from eco to power, enabling the driver to choose maximum efficiency or performance depending on the driving conditions.

5. Emissions 

Hybrid cars are more eco-friendly than petrol cars in general. Since hybrid cars make use of fuel, diesel, and electricity, the partial use of an electric powered engine reduces the rate of emission of toxic fumes into the atmosphere that harms the environment. Not only are you saving up on fuel costs, you’re also Going Green for our environment.

What do you think is the best hybrid car in Singapore? Comment below and share this with a friend if you find this useful!

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