Chinese New Year Car Superstitions and Why They Are Practised

Every culture has its own unique superstitions (?? – mí xìn), and it is no different in Singapore. Our beliefs, customs, and superstitions vary greatly from household to household. If you have a superstitious side, here are some tips to practice for the upcoming Chinese New Year:

1. Give Your Ride a Thorough Cleaning

This superstition is derived from the tradition of Pre-CNY spring cleaning. Similar to how people clean their houses to get rid of any bad fortune and to make room for good luck for the New Year, you will want to clean your car for the same reason. Remember that you should do it before the New Year, as cleaning and sweeping during the Spring Festival removes “good luck”.

2. Tangerines On the Dashboard

Oranges and tangerines are associated with good luck, especially during Chinese New Year, as their colour symbolises riches and good fortune. By placing a pair of tangerines or oranges on your dashboard, you are welcoming good luck into your car and your life. They are also great for decorative purposes considering the overall festive mood!

3. Avoid Driving Black Cars

Since the dawn of time, the colour black has been associated with mourning, bad luck and sometimes even death. However, if your car is black, and you plan to drive it during Chinese New Year, consider reversing and counteracting the effects of the colour by decorating your car with prosperous colours such as red and gold. 'Increase' your luck further by adorning your car with a mandatory pair of tangerines.

4. Let Luck in: Open Car Windows on New Year’s Day

Similar to how it is believed that opening your windows at home during Chinese New Year will bring luck and prosperity, having your car windows open is believed to have the same effect. However, considering the hot and humid environment that Singapore is usually in, it would not be practical to do so. Hence, have it opened for a short while. It beats not having anything done, doesn't it?

5. Avoid Placing Sharp Objects in the Car

For the First Day of Chinese New Year, avoid using sharp objects and forms of needlework as they can “cut” off your line of luck and fortune for the upcoming year. Moreover, you would not want dangerous objects lying around in the car.

Have you came across any other Chinese New Year car superstitions? Do you practise them too? Let us know!

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