Singapore may be one of the world's most expensive cities to buy a car. Many turn to more affordable options such as getting pre-owned cars. Understandably, there will be some apprehension when getting a pre-owned car. Is the salesman being completely honest? Are they offering you the best package?

Here are 4 questions you should be considering before deciding on making a purchase.

1. What type of car are you looking for that meets your budget comfortably?

Are you looking at a 7-seater SUV for the convenience of ferrying your family members, or would a fuel-efficient Hybrid car perhaps be more suitable to your needs? Work out your budget and evaluate which are the best options to go for.

2. How is the current condition of the car?

Be mindful if the car has any damage that could potentially cost you more in repairs in future. Is it still advisable to buy the car, even with the affordable pricing? Have you gone through the car's condition, age and mileage thoroughly? Also, be sure to enquire on the history of accidents, if any.

3. Are there any hidden costs involved?

Go through the packages, services and accessories offered to evaluate how the dealer arrived at the final price. Be mindful should there be hidden costs you may not be aware of, and if the sales agreement states what was agreed on beforehand.

4. Is the dealer trustworthy?

Do proper background research on the dealer before making your purchase. How credible are they? Go through what customers are saying in the reviews.

At CarTimes Automobile, we are a CaseTrust-accredited company running over 17 years, committed in providing the highest quality cars and services to our customers. From providing transparency through stating the necessary details (e.g. mileage, condition, PARF value) on our used cars, to allocating professional sales representatives to guide you through your car buying process and meeting your comfortable budget.

Owners are also able to request to send the car in for an STA evaluation for a full grading report, should it be required. Our pre-owned cars go through a thorough inspection at our in-house workshop before they are ready for sale, to allow our customers to buy with a peace of mind.

If you are looking to buy a pre-owned car, reach out to us today!

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