5 Essential Wet Weather Driving Tips

Been experiencing heavier downpours recently?

During the rainy season, we usually witness an increase in accidents along the road. Drivers are advised to exercise extra precaution, especially on wet roads. Here are some safety tips when driving in the rain.

1. Stay Alert

Be alert and stay fully focused on the road and your surroundings, especially when facing poor visibility on the roads. Always be mindful of both your passengers and yourself, and ensure that your seat belts are all securely fastened. 

2. Slow Down

Slippery roads make it harder to hit the brakes and may cause your car to drift or skid. Avoid turning the steering wheel sharply in one direction, because this might result in your car skidding due to a loss of traction between the tyres and road. Hydroplaning is a dangerous occurrence and slowing down on the roads will help prevent similar situations. 

3. Turn On Your Headlights

To increase visibility between you and the drivers in your surroundings, and to allow yourself to see the road better, it's advised to turn on your headlights. When driving in a wet weather condition and foggy surroundings, drivers tend to identify where you are based on your lights. Definitely remember to signal when changing lanes, too!

4. Avoid Cruise Control

Cruise control is a great feature and works great in dry conditions. However, avoid using this feature on wet roads to avoid increased chances of losing control when turned on. When it's used on slippery roads, it worsens the situation of hydroplaning by trying to keep your vehicle going at a constant speed.

5. 3-Second Following Distance

Be sure to follow the 3-second rule of keeping a safe distance from the car ahead of you, so as to ensure you get ample distance and time to react. To avoid losing control of your steering, try to drive on the middle lanes whenever possible.

Remember to take extra precaution and stay alert on the roads, be it rain or shine. Stay safe, everyone!

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