The Ultimate List of Road Closures on New Year Countdown 2019

Celebrating the countdown with your loved ones? We’re equally excited to welcome a fresh new start to 2019! As many gather this evening at the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2019, added security measures will be in place, and so will the road closures. We’ve compiled The Ultimate List of Road Closures for you to avoid, and allow you to have a smoother drive this evening.

 1) Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2019

Source: OneMotoring

Source: OneMotoring

2) Boon Lay Countdown 2019

Source: OneMotoring

3) Countdown to 2019 (Near CCK)

Source: OneMotoring

Not planning to drive? SMRT buses and trains will also be extending their operating hours until past 3am!

Bus Schedule:

Source: SMRT

Train Schedule:

Source: SMRT

No doubt, with the presence of large crowds, it’s important to stay extra vigilant and practice safety measures. Stay close to your group of friends when getting around, look after your belongings at all times, and contact the security for any urgent assistance. It’s okay to have fun, but remember to always be safe! 

Here’s wishing everyone a blessed year ahead, and to begin 2019 with the warmest of aspirations. Happy New Year from all of us at CarTimes!

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