Accident & Insurance

What to do in an event of an accident?


Don’t move the vehicles

Avoid moving the vehicles involved in the accident prior to gathering the facts (including photographing the scene & damages)


Call the rental company for advice

In the event of an accident, be it major or minor, call us at 9180 3571 immediately.


Check for injury

Check if there are any injuries among all parties. Should anyone require medical attention, call the ambulance and police immediately.


Gather the facts

If no one is seriously injured, exchange the following information with all parties involved (Including any witnesses, if any):

- Name
- NRIC/Passport Number
- Contact details
- Address
- Insurer
- Vehicle license plate number

Also, take pictures of the following:

- Accident scene
- Damages to the vehicles involved


Bring your damaged vehicle to our workshop and report the accident

If we are claiming for the damages, you must report the accident at our workshop within 24 hours or by the next working day.

CarTimes Autolution Workshop

AutoCity, Blk 160, Sin Ming Drive, #02-04, Singapore 575722
(Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm)
Workshop number : 6471 5111
24 hours towing : 8858 5111


- For own damages claims, we will proceed to do an “Own Damage” claim for you as the repair costs will be high. For such cases, you will be liable for the “Own Damage” excess of up to S$2,000 (exclusive of 7% GST)

- In the event of a third party claim by the other party, you will need to bear the insurance excess of S$1,500 (exclusive of 7% GST)

- Proceed to our in-house workshop at Sin Ming Autocity with all the necessary facts, documents (including photographing the scene & damages) and information of all parties involved (including any witnesses). At any point of time if you are unclear, please do call us at 9180 3571 immediately.

1. Refer to point 1 – 4 above and follow the same procedures.
2. Take clear photographs of the following documents of all vehicles involved and ensure vehicle number stated in the documents are correct:
- Identification card
- Driving license (Front and back)
- Certificate of Insurance
- Road Tax
3. Proceed to file a police report at the nearest Malaysia Police Station.
4. Call for a tow-truck to tow your car back to Singapore Immigration. Please note that you are liable for the towing charges from Malaysia to Singapore Immigration and any Malaysia Levy surcharge payable will be borne by you.

For Minor Damages
Kindly contact us at 9180 3571 immediately to advice for quotation on the repair costs. Do note that repair can only be done at our preferred workshop. For the cost of repair, you will need to settle with the designated workshop directly and downtime will not be pro-rated.

Click here to download our private settlement form.