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Providing complete car leasing and rental solutions, CarTimes Auto-Rent makes every journey hassle-free. Customers enjoy the luxury of choice with our vast fleet of premium quality marques and a wide range of models catering to every budget.

Personal and corporate clients receive the renowned CarTimes peace of mind – with a full suite of automobile solutions to ensure every journey is smooth and easy.

It’s always a better journey together with CarTimes.

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Prius Alpha Hybrid

Toyota Prius Alpha Hybrid

From $81 per day

Freed Hybrid

Honda Freed Hybrid

From $75 per day

Alphard 2.5 SC (7 seater)

Toyota Alphard 2.5 SC (7 seater)

From $145 per day

Sedan New
Grace Hybrid

Honda Grace Hybrid

From $69 per day

Stationwagon New
Shuttle Hybrid

Honda Shuttle Hybrid

From $69 per day

Hatchback New
Fit 1.5 Hybrid

Honda Fit 1.5 Hybrid

From $60 per day

Hatchback New
Fit 1.3 Petrol

Honda Fit 1.3 Petrol

From $55 per day

Vezel Hybrid

Honda Vezel Hybrid

From $71 per day

Sedan New
Camry Hybrid 2.5X

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2.5X

From $90 per day

Noah 1.8X Hybrid

Toyota Noah 1.8X Hybrid

From $90 per day

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About CarTimes

CarTimes also provides a one-stop solution for car lovers, ranging from sales & purchase of cars to in-house workshop services. This ensures that our customers are well covered, allowing them to drive their cars with a peace of mind.

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