What is CarTimes Auto-Rent?

Providing complete car leasing and rental solutions, CarTimes Auto-Rent makes every journey hassle-free. Customers can enjoy the luxury of choice with our vast fleet of premium quality marques and a wide range of models catering to every budget.

Here at CarTimes Auto-Rent, we take care of your needs so that you can enjoy a peace of mind – with a full suite of automobile solutions to ensure every journey is smooth and easy.

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How Does It Work?

Select a Car

Choose a car that suits your needs and your budget.

Book Your Car

Simply submit your details online or call us to reserve your preferred car.

Collect Your Car

Collect your car once it's ready - all vehicles are thoroughly disinfected before collection.

Our fleet is also supported by 24-hour roadside assistance and worry-free maintenance by our team of technical specialists and master technicians. So you can be rest assured that your vehicle will always be in pristine condition.

Explore Our Featured Collection

Honda Vezel Hybrid
Toyota Axio Hybrid
Toyota Noah 1.8X Hybrid
Mazda 3 Alexa Diesel
Honda Fit 1.5 Hybrid
Honda Fit 1.3 Petrol
Honda Freed Hybrid
Honda Shuttle Hybrid
Toyota Sienta Hybrid

Why Choose CarTimes?

Low Deposit

Say goodbye to hefty deposits! All you need to do is to pay a small fee to reserve your desired car.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Protect you and your loved ones against financial damages or losses that may arise from a motor accident.

No Long-Term Commitment

One-day and short-term rental to provide flexibility and ease for all your travel needs.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Drive worry-free with 24/7 roadside assistance and maintenance fully covered by our in-house workshops.

Unlimited Mileage Rental

If you need a vehicle to drive long distances or are planning a road trip to Malaysia, we can help make it happen with an unlimited mileage.

Our #JourneyTogether

Here’s what our fellow Singaporeans have to say

Samantha is friendly and professional in explaining while guiding me in the process. Cars were kept in clean and good condition. Overall experience is swee. Renting a car? look no further, you got the 5 star service here!

Lin Lianjie

Kenneth was very friendly and approachable, took time to cover the clauses of the rental aspects which helped a lot. Procedures to lease the car were fuss-free and completed quickly. No complains good experience.

Ng Kah Wee

My experience with Car Times is by far one of the best. I was served professionally and was really thankful for the car provided, the car was well maintained and had a clean interior. I highly recommend to those who are looking for a vehicle. Kudos to the team! Thank you once again!

Angela Ying

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is your office/showroom?

    We are located at 73 Mackenzie Road Lot 3 & 4 (Level, 2, 228729)

  • What are your operating hours?

    We are open from Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm (excluding public holidays)

  • What are the requirements to rent a car with you?

    Age: Between 22 and 65 years old
    License: At least 2 years of driving experience with a valid Singapore Class 3/3A Driving License

  • Who should I look for to enquire more about car rental?

    Kindly contact our office at 8282 5111 to enquire for more details.

  • Can the car be used for private hire usage?

    Yes definitely! All our cars can be used on any ride-hailing platform for private hire usage.

  • Can I use the car for personal usage?

    Yes, you can use any of our cars for personal usage. However, do note that most of our vehicles are under Z10/11 for private hire usage (with private hire decal). You are not allowed to remove the decal unless your vehicle has been converted under R10/11 with a chargeable amount of $100/per conversion fee for any removal of the private hire decal.

  • Can I use the car for corporate usage and rent under company name?

    Yes, we do corporate leasing as well. You can rent the car under the company’s name on both long term or short term basis, all you need is to provide us with your Company’s ACRA.

  • What is the collection & return timing of the vehicles?

    Collection & returning of vehicles only at 73 Mackenzie Road Lot 3 & 4 (Level, 2, 228729)
    For collection: 12pm
    For return: Before 12pm

  • Is Malaysia usage allowed?

    Yes, you are allowed to drive into West Malaysia. However, do take note of the followings when you are driving in Malaysia:

    - Insurance excess in Malaysia will be doubled
    - In the event of Vehicle breakdown or Tyre punctured in Malaysia, towing fee from Malaysia to Singapore Immigration and any Malaysia Levy surcharge payable will be borne by you

  • Is the option of car delivery or return collection services available?

    Yes, it is available at the cost of S$80 per trip.

  • What are the available cars and rental rates?

    Kindly call us at 8282 5111 during our operating hours to enquire.

    Alternatively, you may contact our sales representative at 8282 4097 for immediate response or hop on to our Facebook page at and have a chat with us! Or see our available cars at Our fleet.

  • What is the deposit amount?

    Deposit amount varies from $500 - $1,500 depending on the make, age and/or model of the vehicle.

  • How do I make a reservation?

    All our vehicles are based on a first come first serve basis. After you have arranged for a confirmed vehicle with our sales representative, we will collect a partial/full deposit from you. If you have made a partial deposit, we will collect the remaining deposit balance on collection day.

  • Can I cancel my booking after I have placed the deposit?

    Unfortunately, your deposit will be forfeited as it will not be fair for other interested takers who are looking at the unit.

  • What is the insurance excess amount?

    Our Comprehensive Insurance Coverage includes both third-party liability and own vehicle damage.
    Insurance Excess (Before GST)
    Within Singapore: S$1,500 (Third-Party) / S$2,000 (Own Damage)
    Within Malaysia: Double excess

  • Can I add any additional driver?

    Yes, you can add up to 2 additional drivers at an additional S$10/per week per driver. You can add your relief driver here.

  • Are there any promotions?

    Kindly contact our sales representative at 8282 5111 directly for more details!

  • What payment methods do you accept for deposit?

    We accept CASH & NETS payment at 73 Mackenzie Road Lot 3 & 4 (Level, 2, 228729). For iBanking/ATM transfer, you will need to take a screenshot of the payment receipt and send to us via Whatsapp.

  • Are your rates inclusive of GST?

    Yes, all our rates quoted are nett & inclusive of 7% GST.

  • What’s included in my weekly/monthly rental?

    The weekly/monthly rates include:
    - Full Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
    - Servicing & Mechanical Maintenance
    - Unlimited Mileage
    - Road Tax
    - 24-hrs Roadside Assistance
    - West Malaysia Coverage
    - 2-Additional Drivers

  • What happens if I am suspended/banned by a ride-hailing company?

    If you are suspended/banned by a ride-hailing company, it is your responsibility to appeal with the ride-hailing company directly.

  • What if the vehicle is not in good condition on the collection day?

    If the vehicle is not in good condition on the collection day, you have the right to reject collecting the car. We will try our best to rectify the issue or find a suitable replacement car for you. Otherwise, we will make a full refund of the deposit to you.

  • What do I need to bring on collection day?

    If you have previously placed a partial deposit to reserve a unit with us, kindly bring along the following documents on collection day:
    - NRIC
    - Valid Singapore Class 3/3A Driving License
    - PDVL/TDVL (if applicable)
    - Remaining deposit balance (if applicable)

  • What should I do to be registered under the ride-hailing app after renting the car?

    You might have to make a trip down to the ride-hailing office to process with the registration.

  • How do I extend my contract?

    You can extend your contract here 2 weeks before your contract period ends.

  • I will like to exchange my vehicle. What should I do?

    Kindly fill up the vehicle exchange form here and we will get back to you once we are able to fulfill your request.

  • What are the charges for minor damages?

    Kindly contact us at 9180 3571 immediately to advice for quotation on the repair costs.

    Do note that repair can only be done at our preferred workshop. For the cost of repair, you will need to settle with the designated workshop directly and downtime will not be pro-rated.

  • Any advance notice period needed to return my vehicle?

    Kindly complete and submit the vehicle return form here.

    Do note that you are required to inform us 14 days in advance before you return your vehicle or your return may be rejected.

  • When will I receive my deposit after returning my car?

    Upon returning of your vehicle, do inform us your bank account number and we will refund to you your deposit on the following MONDAY via bank transfer. Alternatively, you can choose to offset your current week’s rental or pay for the damages from your deposit and we will refund back to you the remaining balance.

  • I was issued a fine/summons. What do I do?

    You can make the payment via an AXS machine by keying in your vehicle number. For any fine(s) issued by LTA/TP during your contract period, we will submit your particulars to LTA and LTA will issue a letter to you for the offense which you have committed.

  • What petrol level should I have when returning the car?

    The hirer has to refill the petrol to the same level when the car was collected.

  • How do I make my weekly/monthly payment?

    You can pay for your weekly / monthly payment via ONLINE BANKING, ATM TRANSFER or CORPORATE PAYNOW. Click here for our step by step guide to make your rental payment.

  • What is the billing cycle for my rental?

    Weekly billing cycle will be from Saturday - Friday (both days inclusive). The cut-off day for payment will be on every Friday by 2359 hours.

  • What are the charges for late payment?

    Late charge of S$50 per week will be levied for every week’s late rental payment.

  • I have an outstanding insurance excess owing. Can I pay by installment?

    If you are unable to clear your outstanding insurance excess amount in one lump sum, do work out on a reasonable time frame agreeable between you and CarTimes Auto-Rent and make timely payment accordingly.

  • What if my vehicle breaks down?

    In the event of vehicle break-down (in Singapore), kindly contact us at 9180 3571 for assistance.

    If your vehicle is unable to be driven, kindly contact our 24-hours towing hotline (8858 5111) to arrange for a towing service.

  • My tyre is punctured, what should I do?

    Change to your spare tyre or use the repair kit to patch up the tyre and have the original tyre replaced at our tyre workshop. If changing of spare tyre or using of repair kit is unsuccessful, you will need to call for towing. Do note that all cost related to the punctured tyres will be at your own cost.

  • What is the address of your tyre workshop?

    Opening Hrs: Mon - Sat 9am to 6pm

    • JURONG
    SINGAPORE 628635

    50 BUKIT BATOK ST23 #02-19
    SINGAPORE 659578

    SINGAPORE 757695

    SINGAPORE 368173

    • CHANGI
    SINGAPORE 508729

    #01-11/12 FIRST EAST CENTRE
    SINGAPORE 417868

    SINGAPORE 417801


  • What is the address of your workshops?

    We have 2 in-house workshops under CarTimes Autolution:
    Blk 160 Sin Ming Drive, #02-04
    Singapore (575722)
    Tel: 6471 5111

    Bartley Biz Centre
    13 Kakit Bukit Road 4, #03-30
    Singapore (417807)
    Tel: 6702 4282

  • Will I get a replacement car if my car is in the workshop?

    If your vehicle is in the workshop for more than 4 hours (for normal servicing & maintenance), we will provide you with a replacement car (subjected to availability). Otherwise, we will pro-rate your rental accordingly.

  • Windscreen cracked. What should I do?

    Inform us and proceed to make a accident report at our Sin Ming workshop. Do note that generally no downtime reimbursement will be given during the repair.

    Windscreen excess: S$100 (exclusive of 7% GST) per replacement
    Private Hire Decal: S$20 (if any)

  • I got into an accident. What should I do?

    Click here for the procedures in the event of an accident.

  • The IU is not working. What should I do?

    Ensure that your cash card is in proper working condition. If it still doesn’t work, bring your vehicle to STA for inspection and get it replaced if necessary. If a new IU is required, please make payment and send us the original proof of payment together with the new IU serial number. You shall deduct from your current week’s rental accordingly.

  • I lost my car keys. What should I do?

    - Make a police report
    - Contact us at 9180 3571 to check if any spare key is available
    - Otherwise, call for a towing for your car to be sent to the workshop (24-hours towing hotline: 8858 5111 )

    Do note that the cost for replacement of locks, towing, and service charges will be borne by you. No downtime reimbursement will be given during the replacement process.

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