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Buyer for your Car?

Sell your car with a peace of mind.

Selling a car can be time consuming due to the amount of paperwork involved – all outstanding financial issues, a valid road tax and the acquiring of an insurance policy. If you are thinking of selling your car but have no time to sell it yourself, let us help you with it!

Sell Your Car

Time to get rid of your old car? Sell it to us with our competitive quotes!

Consign Your Car

Save yourself the hassle of advertising and selling your old car. Consign your car with us and let us help! We have a committed team of 31 professional and experienced salespersons who can help you with the entire sale process.

From the valuation of your vehicle, advertising for it, communicating with potential customers, and handling of all paperwork required for the sale, it’s all in the package!

With our huge customer database, you can rest assured that your car will soon find its new owner!

Set your desired price and let us do the work. It is that simple!

You do not even need to leave your car in our showroom.

And if you are still looking for that next ride, you might find something you like from our New Cars and Pre-owned Cars.

Because at CarTimes, there is a car for everyone.

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